Gold Tree, a jewel of the Capital Group, proudly presents a trifecta of elegance: timeless bangles, premium gold bullion, and exclusive distribution of the revered Zar brand. From our home in Kothamangalam, we shine in the wholesale market, offering treasures designed for a world that values trust, quality, and legacy.


A symphony of sublime designs, curating your journey through time's most cherished jewelry masterpieces.


Every swirl and curve in Gold Tree's bangle collection speaks the language of grace, dancing on the wrists of the discerning and elegant. Our artisans weave together a tale of beauty, tradition, and contemporary style, each bangle a testament to their craftsmanship. Through the glimmering allure of gold and the timeless charm of our designs, we bring you jewellery that transcends the ordinary.


Gold Tree's bullion echoes the robust resonance of pure gold, serving as a testament to wealth preserved in its most timeless form. It's not just an investment; it's a beacon of financial strength and security, a tangible asset embodying our commitment to quality and trust.